Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time is something we must have control of – that is if I can have 48 hours for a day!

Hours, days and months keep passing. There was a time I had time for blogging, to take photos, and include them in the blog from time to time in a relevant piece. It seems a very sought after item these days.

As time gets tough, the tough get going and I have had to cut down on some as the need arises. So I reduced my abode’s by one moving out of the apartment on Gregory’s Road, at the end of August and moved back onto the farm, to commute.

Not having had a vehicle at my disposal since the fateful day in January 2011, when my only mode of transport was mowed down by the Justice Minister’s convoy, it has been difficult to get about and see whoever I wish to see. I am dependent on lifts and the whims of drivers. I hope to have the use of a set of wheels shortly, but am not sure when that will be. Perhaps before the end of the month, I hope.

On a day such as this marooned in the office at 7 pm, after a days work, waiting for the rains to cease, before I attempt the public transport commute back to Godagama, I decided I would spend the moments fruitfully blogging a few notes.

Thanks to the walking stick the trek by bus is bearable, as I have got a seat each time but once. On the journey from Polonnaruwa, I had to stand all the way overnight by train once as the young karate forces team needed to rest on seats! Sights and sounds of public transport, the tight squeeze, the almost dangerous exercise of getting down, hoping the bus will not take off until I have both feet on terra firma are parts of the daily grind. Even worse the three wheelers that decide the journey to the farm is one, they will not undertake as the road is broken up is probably the worst prospect each evening.

My leg is still not OK and needs more time to get back to normal, despite my attempts at believing relief is round the corner. It has its off days, but I have to work almost every day due to various commitments and the days do get long as a result. The variety and the different circumstances is what makes it interesting. Much of it is meetings in different parts of the country and sometimes a day has six or seven different types of events, from laying a foundation stone, to attending various ceremonies, danas, lunches and rallies, to meetings and even musical evenings as part of the required diet, making for a return from duty after midnight.

The date with the blog is what suffers in the above routine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Siyane Golden Star

The Golden Star in the Center with the joint second place on the right and the third on the left

The Amateur Singing Competition held at the Delgoda Public Grounds on Friday 28th September 2012

Joint Second placed stars receiving their award

The Dancing Group with one of their performances

One of the bevy of helpers and runners! Hemamali from the office

The other helpers organized by Maduri