Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishing all my readers a new year 2013 where your individual goals, hopes and aspirations will come to fruition

As is traditional, we began our day in the office, (New Years Day is a normal work day in Sri Lanka - despite the infamous New Year's Eve Parties that this country is quite infamous for!) with the boiling of cows milk in an earthenware pot on a fire made of twigs. 
It is traditional that events such as a new year, a house warming and new beginnings begin with the boiling of milk.

The photo shows us lighting the fire and one shows the boiled over milk and the final one shows the staff of the office here in Borella.

I wish my readers that they also achieve their goals and aspirations set for the year, and it turns out to be a fulfilling one.

I know I have not been blogging in this blog as I used to, but have more than made up for blogging in my related blog of www.kalpanakaranna.blogspot.com which has included my opinions on subjects of the day, and have drawn a fair degree of debate and discussion, which I believe is for the best.
I will attempt to blog a little more of my life here in this blog, and make the time required so to do.