Sunday, June 3, 2007

A journey through space

When one is free of everything, material and mental with no encumberences, one is ready to leave this world in the same spiritual state one entered.

Instead of leaving this world, not that I had any plans to go in that direction, I decided to enter a new world. Hence the title a journey through space, a sense of going out of earth as we know it and entering a state that is very different. I had left the past as much as is practically possible without being a burden on others, and with some apprehension created a new beginning.

The apprehension referred to above was very real as I did not know what it was leading towards as nothing was planned. I had no support at all in the decision I was taking and so it was one taken alone with everything to gain or loose all at my lap and no one to thank or blame.

This is a story,(hope it is not too boring) one that is true and ongoing as it is a life in progress. It records the events as they occur with time delay of days or months as I do not have access to the internet. Here I am neither blessed or cursed with electricity or internet. I have to interact with the modern world so from time to time I can communicate with those who know me and earn a livelihood to meet my expenses.

I have not completely abandoned the past, except that I decided to live a life quite different to what I have hitherto been used to. I approaching this with optimism and enthusiasm. I am aware of the pitfalls ahead and the considerable dangers ahead of me, but a risk like this is more worthy to me than spending money to go skydiving if that is a form of thrill I am willing to pay money for if life does not give rise to greater thrills to explore!

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