Friday, July 27, 2007


The Kade in Godagama on the Galdola Farm is where I sell the majority of my produce. I farm both in Godagama and Hingurakgoda and at the moment have 7 varieties of my rice in my Kade, I think a feat unique in Sri Lanka. Only the Keeri Samba I bought from my neighbor Piyal is the exception.

I brought 700+ mangoes yesterday from my large mango tree to be sold in the farm Kade. They are all organic and have not had carbide or any artificilal ripener put in them, sadly unlike most mangoes sold in the shops in Sri Lanka today. I sell them in the shop at betweein 12/- and 8/- depending on the size and charge my customers in Colombo a rupee more for the effort of transporting and delivering to their homes.

All the wood in the kade and the tables are made of Khomba or Neem and is very uniue and a special feature of the place.

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