Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monkeys eating carrots in Nuwera Eliya

One interesting encounter we had when we were driving around the lanes of Nuwera Eliya was that of a whole troop of monkeys near a carrot field, brazenly uprooting carrots in a field and eating only the carrot portion and not the leaves. They were really enjoying themselves destroying a poor farmer's field.

This is a further illustration of the destructive tendencies of the monkeys and I strongly believe as a farmer that something has to be done immediately to curb the population which is rising with human habitation, and either a mass cull or some form of injected birth control needs to be administered. I lose thousands a year to the monkey menace and have to keep constant vigil to say nothing of the cost of the fire crackers I have to light to keep them away when spotted.

So please someone persuade the powers to change the laws. It is illegal to kill the monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Come on, don't advocate the killing of monkeys. Not cool...

voipniche said...

Hello, Raja!
Thanks for the bunch of posts!
I have been to the polonaruwa and Nuwaraeliya! I similar photos from both the places.
Keep up good work (farms and the blogs)

Rajaratarala said...

anonymous I take what you say, but then prevent them from procreating and causing heavy burdes o the livelihoods of people then your concience is clear and our problems can also be resolved. If you were a subsistence farmer they don't know what cool is!