Monday, September 3, 2007

Today's journal September 3rd 2007

I have ahd a miserable two weeks, with the weather playing a significant part in the downturn of the business.

First the wet weather put paid to King Coconut sales as here in Sri Lanka people do not like to drink it saying it is too cooling in wet weather. Then the excessive rain led to many of my banana plants falling and many were in flower and with bunches. Then I did not have even one Papaya to bring as the rain has not permitted any fruit in over a hundred trees to mature, so I cannot cut until the fruit is mature. The coconut climber did not like to climb the trees saying they were too slippery to pluck the coconuts. Thia led to a significant fall in my sales with the golf club my main customer for king coconuts not buying any today. Today's sales in Colombo have therefore fallen to a pretty low 8,000 and with 3,000 to fill up the tank of diesel to go to Polonnaruwa tonight its a tight squeeze.

Yet the line of people who come to me daily to borrow money thinking I am one of the world's richest does not subside. What is it that people see in me, a chap who has not bought a stich of clothing in 3 years to give that air!!! of being full of it!!!

Come on some wise aleck send me a comment that will put a smile on my face. I have had bad luck getting on line as the only time I can is when I get to my sisters in Colombo to deliver produce to her. Each time her DSL line is down and today it is painfully slow.

I leave shortly for the farm in Godagama and leave from there around 9pm to Polonnaruwa till Friday. So till then and more great stories from there, keep the lines open.

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voipniche said...

Think of those wet monkeys that attacked your fruits! They must be really wet and miserable. Be careful driving in the rain!
Hello Raja, how about a flickr account for your photos! Blogger has a limit on the amount of pictures you can put up. I will look up and let you know (may be 2GB). is a good place for photos!