Friday, October 12, 2007

my most recent product list and prices

This is the price list of products that I brought for delivery to homes in Colombo on October 8th 2007

King Coconut each 15/-
Coconut large 27/-
Coconut small 22/-
Papaya perkg 60/-
Oranges(mine) each 8/-
Lime 500g 40/-
Ambul Kehel perkg 50/-
Seeni Kehel perkg 60/-
Ambun Kehel each 12/-
Kolikuttu each 10/-
Freerange Eggs each 15/-
Kehel Muwa each 15/-
Gotukola(val) bunch 25/-
Kathurumurunga bunch 15/-
Thampala bunch 20/-
Rampa/Karapincha bunch 10/-
Rice- Red Samba perkg 50/-
My Rosa Samba perkg 50/-
Rathu Kekulu perkg 45/-
Sudu Samba perkg 50/-
Tomato 500g 50/-
Karavila 500g 40/-
Murunga 500g 30/-
Wambatu 500g 50/-
Bandakka 500g 50/-
Thibbatu 250g 40/-
Pumpkin 500g 30/-
Meemin Wattaka each 40/-
Cucumber each 25/-
Kekiri each 15/-
Corn on the cob each 8/-
Polonnaruwa Onion 500g 30/-
Green Chillies 100g 20/-
Ginger 100g 20/-
King Coconut Oil 1/4bot100/-
Forest Bees Honey 1/4bot175/-


Anonymous said...

how many papaya do you get on a tree, and what average weight per fruit?

Anonymous said...

A papaya tree can live to be way more than several years and can provide you with 100s of fruits! During the rainly season , when the tree is young, if you break the tree top , then the tree will branch out. Better to do this when the tree is only about 3-4 free high. Then the bottom half of the tree will become fat and will hold many healthy branches and will live for many many years.