Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chuty Nangi's birthday

My neighbour across the raging river is Wije. They have 4 offspring. The eldest had a baby and is still in hospital as the child got an infection in the Baby room of the Polonnaruwa hospital. The second girl has a 4 yr daughter and the last two twins, are Chuty Nangi and her brother Malli.
These two had there 21st birthday on the 21st of December. Due to the child's illness they did not want to celebrate the birthday. The son is in the Army and is in active service, and so chuty nangi was upset no one took notice of her b'day. So we on our side of the river, despite the incessant rains decided to do something about it. We bought a cake and lit candles and took balloons and made her day. The photo above shows the family as mentioned above and below shows her blowing her candles. She at least got a b'day to remember.

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