Friday, January 11, 2008

i have been too busy to write

Since the last entry over ten days ago, I have had quite a tight schedule, doing different things meeting deadlines and meetings and social engagements. One notable event that gave me quite a sense of satisfaction and fun was entertaining a busload of my sister's friends to lunch last Saturday. A day of intermittent rain in Polonnaruwa.
We were able to knock up food grown on that land, which gave me a great sense of pleasure and pride. One couple hosted me in Jonesboro, Arkansas on a visit a few years ealier and I was able to repay in a small way their hospitality. Thanks Sarath and Enoka for coming.
As bites we provided, manioc or cassava chips uprooted in the morning. We also gave a mango achcharu from my mangoes and some of the excess was bagged and taken away too. The orange juice was from the oranges on my property, as fresh as anyone could provide.
Lunch included, my last season's rice from the property, thibbatu, bandakka, ma karal and pol sambol from the property and lake fish fried. To cap it all I could seat them all in my kitchen for the lunch.
I think they enjoyed the uncomfortable ride in the back of my pick up from the main road to the land as the bus could not make it.
I am sorry the weather was not conducive to bathe in the river before lunch, but we had a walk around the property after lunch to give a feel of what land here is like and what can and does grow. Alas the visit was short, but it gave me an idea that I should once a few improvements are made to infrastructure I could have people come to taste authentic village cooking on firewood and local utensils.
My staff were aghast at me for serving all dishes in the same pots used for cooking, but once the guests arrived and expressed their views, they came to look at things my way.Thank you all for coming and please feel free to come visit again.


voipniche said...

Good to see you back. I suggested your site to Hope they will list it.

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