Thursday, May 29, 2008

vesak in polonnaruwa

there were no extravagent displays in Polonnaruwa where I spent the past ten days and hence the lapse in blogging. My neighbors borrowed my tractor to attach to someone else trailer and go to Medirigiriya to see the vesak Pandals as is custom in this area.

I have given Vesak dansalas for the past three years but financial constraints and the prohinitive cost of food meant I could not do so and just literally had to eat off the land this time with no celebration planned.

I enjoyed the day quietly after a heavy session the previous day to finish the sowing see the perceptions link for that and just enjoyed the sight of the full moon, amongst my coconut trees above and on the Ratmale tank below.

see for the alternative living during this period, devoid of any celebration.

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