Saturday, June 7, 2008

a year of blogging

I just realized that I have now kept on this blog for year, my first entry being June 3rd 2007. There is much that I have written about in this year, with so many events planned and unplanned, with photos to illustrate. If one cares to go back to the beginning and briefly skim through this the content covered amazes me and I do not not think one can have as much to write about in other fields of life where one has to earn a living, as that is what I am simply doing everyday, and it is getting harder each day and not easier as I had hoped, and the blog unwaveringly documents the reasons behind it.

Thank you my friends for reading and commenting and apologies for my total lack of manners in replying to your questions, but as I just come here to update the blog I find little time to read through and reply. I wish I will be able to surf the net one day soon, just as I had got very used to in the years I lived in the West. It is truly a luxury that those who have 24/7 internet should realize others would kill for!!


George said...

Congratulations, Ranjith, and may your blog continue to entertain and inspire us for many more years.

Most of the news coming out of Sri Lanka is so bad that your descriptions of and ruminations on everyday life offers a glimpse to a Sri Lanka we don't usually get to read about. Thank you for taking the time. I hope the writing is both spiritual and enjoyable to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello raja,
Thank you for keeping us entertained and educated. I learned a quite a few things that I did not know before. Just to let you know you have pagerank 3 on this blog and pagerank 2 on Perceptions. Other blogs I did not check. Use new Blog List element to consolidate and increase your pageranks on all the blogs. Thanks again for penning down about your farmer life. Hope you get more internet time this year! ;)

Voipniche From A Blackberry

cj said...

Hi Please accept my congratulations on you completing a year of publishing this blog. I happened to come to this blog by chance but now I am a regular. I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing. I do wish you all the best and am hoping one day you would send me the details on how I could purchase stuff from your farm.

Anonymous said...

will you take another year to update? : )

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