Friday, August 1, 2008

in search of dried fish - muhudu karawala

Yesterday, I drove up the western coast of the Island north of Negombo in search of Karawala for my kade, this time just to test what will sell, so I did not buy too much.

The Photos show the fish being dried on the beach


Anonymous said...

i wish you would update your website more frequently.

i check it every day.

can you generate some revenue with advertising or something in order to incentivize some more regular updating?

Rajaratarala said...

I will try to update but dont have ready access to the internet. I have also been very busy just trouble shooting in trying to keep my enterprise solvent

Maxwell Parsons said...

Hey, dear Brother,
We will try to ship you a laptop so you can communicate much more efficiently. By the way the best "karawala" there is Katta and even some of the smaller ones, have loads of nutrition. I have written the first part of my book "growing up as a Burgher in Sri Lanka - post WW2 and independence. Negotiating with Penguine Publishers and some others too. But an article of mine at least the first part will be on the "Lanka Guardian" web site. Title is "Sri Lanka-an Islands descent into darkness." I may also have a "Blog site" soon and the Church here already has one if you visit Face Book.