Wednesday, September 3, 2008

an unexpected visitor from the US

the gentleman in the photo said she would go back home and tell her friends she met this veddah!!

A friend of mine in California had recommended to a friend of his who was backpacking in Sri Lanka to contact me. Melinda 24 from Santa Monica contacted me on Monday evening when I was doing my deliveries in Colombo, and I picked her up and took her to my place in Minneriya.

I guess she was brave to go with a stranger she only knew by recommendation, and we arrived at my place at 3am. I showed her the Polonnaruwa historic city the following day, but was aghast that the tourist rate now had risen to Rs2,700. In fact I was embarrassed as it was a rainy day and we had to duck the rain to see the ruins and we could only go to a limited selection. To add insult to injury officious guards at sites, requested us to put the umbrellas away when entering historic monuments, so we could only go in the pouring rain. Lord Buddha would immediately put them in their place had he been around to see this nonsensical request.

What Melinda enjoyed most was going to the homes of my various neighbors who had never entertained a foreigner in their lives and she was quite taken aback with our hospitality as she was treated at short notice as an honored guest and in one place she was even given a gift of a picture to hang on a wall. Two days later she was put on a bus to get back to Colombo and a local bus to Nugegoda from Pettah, which she gamely did much to the amazement of the locals who would not venture into the unknown.


Anonymous said...

she got the royal treatment, did you get the girl?

George said...


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GraemeO said...

Ranjith, it’s always delightful to read these stories, tourists who embrace the true quality of travelling to small and less developed countries with an aim to enjoy their culture and diversity. However I was equally astonished, as you were, to discover the prices tourist pay to visit places of interest. I too visited the famous ruins a few years ago. I remember our guide, Maxi, was attired in a pair of levis jeans, a snazzy shirt, a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a New York Yankees cap. He didn’t really fit the typical description of what one would expect at a place of religious and historic significance but he did his best to keep us interested. I remember he even suggested that elevators were first invented during this period. No doubt Mr. Otis may have something to say about that.

Sri Lanka Tourism should have a proper well researched approach to attracting visitors to the cultural triangle without trying to trap the poor unsuspecting soul. It’s a regular thoughtless scheme that because their ‘Benjamins’ buy more Ruppees, we must charge them exorbitant prices ie – US$25 for a walk-through tour (in the rain!). I can understand if there were waterslides or roller coaster rides at a neighbouring theme park offered as part of the deal, but this is silly. Particularly to this demographic as they are probably students or bohemian travellers who live on $5 a day.

I’m happy however to read that these facets of our island home are still attractive to people from the west. Come to a little village and taste its fine cuisine, savour its warm smiles. Bask in its rich sunshine and fall asleep in the arms of its therapeutic zephyr. The pictures of vegetables and weddings all contribute the colourful landscape.

Ceylon is the cradle of the Human Race because everyone there looks an original. – George Bernard Shaw

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