Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new property adjacent to mine in Hingurakgoda

My sister purchased a property almost adjacent to mine, recently, upon my recommendation. It is well worth what was paid, and the sellers are already regretting the sale as they can now see what little they can purchase with the sale proceeds they received. Like mine it was partially abandoned by the owner, as his wife did not want to live there. I will help farm the property and try and ensure there is no added expense on her part for ownership.

Along with mine, I am preparing the land for the imminent sowing of paddy, and in contrast to mine where there is such a shortage of water as I am the last in my canal to receive water, hers is nearer the front of her canal and so there is no shortage, and due to the lay of her land and soil, her allocation is much more than she needs. This therefore is a fundamental flaw in the water allocation system, as there needs to be a needs assessment, based on the way the land is farmed to determine the water allocation based on the size of the property and some allowance given for available moisture and type of soil if that is possible.

I have had to put life and limb at stake to get water to save my paddy, and if this example is one to go by there must be numerous occasions where the allocation of water is not fair. So it is not a question of inadequate water for all who want to farm, but a more sensible and frequent analysis of water needs should be done. Many properties that have been converted to homesteads from farms still receive the same water allocation previously given, and that too should be adjusted down.

This property consists of about 2 acres of paddy fields and 2 acres of coconut, interspersed with various fruit trees. There are a number of teak trees along the property line and like mine has a river running alongside one of its boundaries giving rise to a further acre of reservation land.

Her property has a small house with electricity whereas I had neither, when I purchased mine and still have no electricity. The even more surprising fact is that there is a well, where the water is almost at the surface of the ground. It is surely a spring as it apparently is like that even in the driest of years. There is a lot of potential for the property which can be developed as a holiday place for the family, and a great way for the kids to learn and see what it is really like in a far off village as they are currently very isolated from this life, living in Colombo.


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