Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i cannot invent interesting stories to tell as life does not imitate fiction

I am fully aware that the readers of my blogs await news of interesting events in my life and when none are forthcoming, now get quite upset. I apologize, and say that while I don't always have good stories to tell, I can only tell what actually happens and nothing else. Lately I have had to deal with a whole host of unforeseen events that have contributed to the absence of writing as they in total have taken up almost all my waking hours.

The battery of my laptop has also decided that it is time to retire and so with the 30 minutes or less charge I have I find it increasingly difficult to blog in the evenings after dark as I used to more frequently in the past. Replacing a battery at present is out of the question.

The main incident that took place is that the person who I most relied on to assist me in my agricultural undertaking, and the person who persuaded me to purchase the Polonnaruwa property, had an accident on his way back from an alms giving on November 29th, leaving me singlehandedly to cope with getting the fields ready to sowing, at great cost as I had to hire labor at premium rates at short notice to complete the work. He then decided after opting to take ayurvedic medicine on his broken foot, at his wife's village near Hataraliyadda in the Kandy area, not to return to work.

So leaving me with no notice and finding suitable short term stop gaps has consumed an inordinate amount of time, and energy with no armchair time to think or write amusing prose. No reader likes a litany of ills so I have refrained from that, and have decided to carry on my work and look out for someone with more commitment.

It was sad to note that his commitment to his work gradually declined upon his second marriage, and later upon the birth of a child, with various strictures imposed by his new wife on the dos and don'ts of his life. Since I got twice the productivity from him in the first year than I have in the last, I have decided to look upon this with favor, as I now hope to implement a plan to reduce the reliance on salaried staff and instead only try to pay on performance or profit share to reduce the potential for a greater loss.

left after 5 years with no notice and explanation, the more he was indulged the less committed he became! is that a lesson for the future? The pasture unseen appears green, what the future foretells is any one's guess. Let us hope it is only better for his sake.As for mine it is just another chapter in the experience of life in Sri Lanka.


Padashow said...

Aney rajaratala agro pundit, this is sad indeed. Now what makes you think we might be interested to know the events in your miserable life? Ha ha ha ha.

ha ha ha ha... We couldn't stop laughing at this self indulging post. Now please do us a favour will you. Please find yourself some warm vaginas this season. You should be OK. Unlike the disease your crops suffer, yours is curable, if only you knew how to get laid during dry seasons.

Rajaratarala said...

as you know your comment is not worth deleting so I am keeping it so that saner people know that there are all sorts that make the world go round. I am only sorry that there is an absence of breeding where your attitude can be more subtly put.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajaratala..This guy is just staying true to the name he's chosen to represent him. Ignore him!

Anonymous said...


i agree with your approach to the above comment.

his blog is sad and useless as well.

please continue your great work : )

George said...


I hope you get some rest over the X'mas and New Year holidays.

How are your neighbors taking to the Presidential election?



Anonymous said...

Hey sorry you had to go through this trolling. This Padashow is none other than the man himself, Indi Samarajiva who blogs at www.indi.ca.

Padashow is his troll blog. When he suffers his personality disorders he blogs there and trolls. Read around Kottu, everyone knows this fact. There's more here,


Just search that blog for Indi Padashow, you will be shocked at the details with slid proofs. Just beware of that psycho son of prof.rohan samarajiva.

Shame on you Indi Padashow, the internet is too big, please troll elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

ranjit, i hope to visit the kumbuk pokuna lodge when i'm in lanka if i can find someone suitable to go (in addition to you). broach the subject with the doctors from america next time you visit them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ranjith,
I have read your blog with interest. Each of your posts are very well written and quite informative. But here is a question that I hope you will answer. What are your plans for the next five years ? I read your post where you have reflected upon your life but what wil you do in the next five years ? LIve the same way ? Fight with land or get some great patent ?
As for padashow, plese ignore him. It is a guy called Indi Samarajiva. He was deeply frustrated about his life in Canada as he was below average there. Then he moved to SL and used his father's connections to get a job and now behaves like an idiot. The problem with him is that he is insanley jealous of anyone getting some readers.