Thursday, February 18, 2010

A memorable long weekend

I apologize for the lapse in giving an update because I have been out of my dream! and in a sense in matters more real or surreal.

I had an important family wedding to attend, where a cousin married another close relative, so the church and the reception were full of relatives. The wedding stretched over three days as the church service was on a Friday morning and then we all took the train from Fort Railway station, where a brass band the perfect back drop, played until we got onto the train, to the resort where the reception was to be held on the following evening.

It was unusual in that both the bride and groom's parties all stayed at the resort for the two nights as well as the newlyweds, so there was time to relax chat over the breakfast table and discuss the events of the day before etc.

The rains came a few hours before the open air event, and mercifully ceased a full half hour before the event commenced giving everyone time to get prepared and cooled things down for the night of dancing and fireworks that added to the luster of the event.

An unexpected number of invitees turned up at the reception in Bentota, a pleasant surprise as it was not expected that so many people would take the trouble to come from Colombo for the occasion, some who drove back home after the event.


santhoshi said...

hey i was there too.. at the church and drove to bentotal.... i think it was one of the very best parties i had been to in a long time... what a small world it is.

Anonymous said...

these pictures are great. they really capture interesting elements of the event, giving us a good feel for the occasion.

please post more pics and stories soon!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Wow! What a great way to have a wedding!!