Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unusual and charming flowering tree in Arippu

A closer look at the flower

I was recently at an old Portuguese Fort at what was Arippu on the North Western Coast about 25km north of the Wilpattu National Park western boundary. The three photos of the tree were taken there, but alas I would like someone to let me know what this tree is. It was really pretty and for my luck it happened to be in bloom at that time.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Interesting. Looks like nidikumba flowers but this is a 'tree' so can't be in the same genus..

Anonymous said...

no idea, but it is beautiful

Magerata said...

looks like a variety of mimosa (Mimosa farnesiana), but typical yellow color associated with it seems to be less. It is the flower for womens day.

angela decoite said...

I noticed that this tree has very similar flowers to the Kiawe Tree here on Maui. We get honey from bees that only gather from these trees....and the honey is white and has an amazing taste. maybe I'll do a blog on it.Thanks for sharing!
Aloha, Angela