Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"new year" just another day in the life of a villager

At the break of dawn after the spectacular sunrise, the next work at hand was to milk the cows and here is a joint effort by a boy and a girl taking one teat each to pull on!!

throwing fireworks a dangerous exercise at the various auspicious times, in my opinion a totally wasteful and very hazardous occupation, much enjoyed by the young ones.

for the 7am boiling of milk before the start of the cooking

lighting more fireworks with each aspect getting more dangerous that one even exploded prematurely in one of these 4 little hands. Fortunately the dip of the hand immediately in salt water for 10 minutes saved it from burns and excruciating pain, after a moment of complete numbness.

After the kiri bath breakfast it was then a case of bathing the cows in the water and giving them a full scrub down.

then it was a case of photo op to remember the occasion by

not forgetting Bahu the dog, where is Megha when you want to photograph him!!

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