Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is it ever too late to apologize?

It was the 30th of January 2011 when my life completely changed, as a result of an errant security vehicle of a cabinet minister, losing control and ploughing into me in Minneriya. It was just a few minutes ago that Rauf Hakeem the Minister of Justice of Sri Lanka, left my apartment on Gregory's Road after having spoken to me for the first time since the incident. Actually I believe he only came because an aunt of mine having heard of my incident, knowing him well confronted him and scolded him like a pickpocket for his callous disregard for responsibility.

What could I tell him? I just had to give him a brief history of myself, and explain that what I had achieved by sheer hard work over a long period of time just disappeared in a moment, with no glimmer of hope on when I could resume some element of it. I said that he as the Minister of Justice should ponder on the justice of this, as I was not begging for anything from him, but some sense of self respect.

I also informed him of the latest bad news where the surgeon not happy with my slow progress suggested I have a bone graft to speed up my recovery, which would entail a further recovery period of not less than 5 months. All this means nothing to him who was more concerned has lost his backup vehicle. Well does he need a back up vehicle anyway? to backup what I may ask.

I am sorry but my regard for people in power lost a few more notches, as I realized this pathetic figure would be hard-pressed to find a job as a security guard in a foreign country, and he was instrumental in meeting out justice in this country. A sad state of affairs!If he was walking down Gregory's Rd on his own I don't think anyone would even notice him, and hence need for security just to get noticed. It is interesting that even the gate keeper on being told by the security that they were police and the minister wanted to meet me was non plussed, wanting more information on his credentials. I hope the police got a sense of their self importance thinking that providing security to them does not mean much to even lesser mortals.

I told him, a political turncoat, I had never accepted a bribe in my life, and would never want to for the rest of my life, having worked hard for everything I have. (for those who don't understand why I refer to him as a turncoat, is because he got elected from a group which he then abandoned, and it appears took money to change sides and join the government with a promise of a cabinet post.)

So what next? I know not and he left with the parting words of " lets see if I can do something. "


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. That must have been a ridiculous conversation, if the Minister Rauf Hakeem was not willing to accept vicarious responsibility for the acts of his security detail. Buddhists believe in karma, and let's see if it comes back to Mr. Hakeem.

thekillromeoproject said...

While it's very infuriating to hear of the attitude displayed by the Minister of Justice, it's also a very good indicator of the attitude of the politicians in power. They operate under the delusion that the entire world rotates around them, and everybody else are just serfs who should be grateful for being allowed to share the same air that they breathe!

Wish you a speedy recovery and no further complications.

Anonymous said...

Hakeem took Rs50M from Rajapakse to join his team, as a shameless turn-coat who immediately lost any modicum of respect he may have had. I hope you can get something from that!

Anonymous said...

Why do I think we have not heard the last of your interactions with Hakeem.

Sri Lanka is a small place.....

Make sure to let us know how your next meeting goes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ranjit,
Quite amazing and as I said in my email; "Good on you auntie."

Agree with an earlier comment about karma - every dog has his day and the minister will get his just desserts for sure.

Hang in there Ranjit you will prevail - as I said the other day - even down here in wintry old Australia we're rooting for you.

Cheers and best.........

Anonymous said...


May we get a blog update on the status of your enterprise?

If it's in a shambles, we'd be very interested to know the details, if you'd be so kind as to share.