Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am about to leave the National Hospital

It is Wednesday the 3rd of August, and it was last Wednesday that I had my rather complicated 'bone graft operation". This operation took about 4 hours and was longer and more painful than the one fixing my leg with with pins in February as reported earlier. I will not go into the details as I don't know much, but they took the graft bone fragments from my right hip area, and implanted them in the area of the joint that had hitherto not fused, a "non union" situation.

I found out that in about 10% of cases like mine the bones don't fuse, necessitating this second operation. I am told it went as well as it could and that it should work out, though the time frame is a little vague owing to my personal circumstances, age and ability to absorb and fuse. Until the bones fuse I will not be permitted to put any weight on my right leg, and so I am in for a long period of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

I am still in a little pain, reduced by pain killers, but my leg is extremely stiff and painful to move, but move I must to get as much movement as possible with the help of the physio, to speed up the recovery.

I was told I will be discharged tomorrow. Where to may I ask?


Anonymous said...

where to? sorry i'm not in SL to give you a bed.

Rajaratarala said...

Hey thanks for the offer. I do have many offers to stay and will probably go to my sister's place initially.

However I am an independent sort of person, so I would like to stay in my own place, but the infrastructure is not ready for my circumstances, and I have to stay in Colombo, to receive the daily professional physiotherapy.

Otherwise the farm in Godagama would be the ideal place as everything is geared up for me and the dogs look forward to my being with them. After all even the water I drink in the hospital is from my farm there and even when I stay in Colombo, the water is boiled and filtered from spring wells there and brought over!!