Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a piece of my mind - an introspection, contemplation and self reflection

Actually I was enjoying a little time with my dogs on the farm recently and put an image in the previous entry, which one of my readers found quite classic in a rather condescending way, as it looked like me a country squire with some land pontificating about equity and social justice. I personally do not believe I should give up on a few luxuries to become a pauper just to talk about sustainability and waste and suggest methods of reordering our lives in order that we can assure a quality of life for future generations.

Just to add salt into the wounds of that particular commentator I am uploading another photo of similar ilk! However I would like to point out that life is all about attitude. That attitude can change daily depending on circumstances and one must try to manage this attitude to keep it from oscillating from an unwavering path.

Another year comes to an end. I have had no transport for most of it being dependent on others for it. I do not have the funds to either buy a vehicle or even have the income to lease one unless I dispose of property, but I have learned to adapt, just as I have learned to live most of this year with crutches and two serious surgeries, pain and discomfort, with little remorse or regret, but with hope and expectation for what the future may hold. It is difficult under the circumstances to keep this frame of mind, when I am dependent on others, and often I have not had help when I needed it and had to make do with this additional disability.

Despite all these setbacks I have lived on my own in an apartment with help that seems to come and go, at whims beyond my control, and been able for most of the year to be gainfully employed in order to cover my expenses, as there are no hidden reserves I can call on despite the general consensus that I have much. The latter due to the attitude to life that I portray, that does not allow the lack of a bank account to affect my spirits or manner of thinking, especially when I am busiest, which is when I am least concerned about personal creature comforts.

It was ironic that I had great expectations for 2011, but the accident put paid to most of that. I hope that I will be able to recoup some of those expectations for 2012 and try and at least get back to where I left 2010, rather than being behind that point at present. My first task when I am able to walk would be to do sufficient exercise to lose the considerable excess weight I had put on by the lack of it.

As we are about to end another year, and think about our resolutions for the next, it is time to think of what might have been, and to make what might be even more pleasurable. Having defied the end of life once by a thread, it has been worth the experience since. I look forward to the next year with equal hope and enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

May you receive the blessings of the Tripe Gem.

2011 was tough for a reason.

Adversity builds character.

From near death on the road, you have been reborn!

indi said...

I dig the photo. I always wanted to have one of those, with a shotgun and riding pants though

Magerata said...

Photos are fine and I was glad to see them as they show you in your element. Good to see that you can smile, or your dogs bring you smiles.
Wish you a fruitful 2012!

INK said...

Have read most of your blog entries (in all 4 blogs) with a lot of interest and enthusiasm over the last year (even the old ones). Proud to be a fellow human being, and a fellow accountant, to you and proud of the way you look at life, myself having gone through a lot in my life during the past 3-4 years.More strength to you! Keep it up! Wish you an even more productive 2012!

Anonymous said...

your "live life to the fullest" and convey the lessons that you have learned attitude are most useful for a blog, and we very much appreciate your sharing with us.

Many happy returns for the New Year, and we hope we'll get a few more entries before the end of 2011!!

Best wishes

Sigma said...

Good Luck mate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ranjit - happy Christmas, again. Love the pics with the dogs - if only to recall that wonderful garden setting near your father's grotto.

Given your experience this year I reckon your accomplishments in just living, let alone all your other missions, is extraordinary and illustrate your breadth and depth.

Here's to a fit and healthy 2012 and beyond for Ranjit. Look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Greetings from a humid Melbourne Christmas morning with rumbling thunder and rain ala SL.

Frank & Ellis