Monday, February 25, 2008

a brief day out

I have been so busy this past month, I don't know what day it is. I have had a lot of issues to deal with primarily arising from the lack of produce to sell, but the costs keep escalating and a mad scramble to earn the money to pay the most imeediate being wages. The coconuts, king coconuts and rice are almost non existent at present, all at once, which are my main stays for revenue. So it is a case of just buying to meet the demand which means my margins are squeezed with little to pay the overheads.

Anyway I was fortunate this poya day which fell on the 20th to go to Nuwera Eliya and visit a cardomom estate and return via Kandy. A friend hosted me at the golf club in Nuwera Eliya, and woke up to a beautiful morning with the photos of that

A view of the 18th green from the club early in the morning.


voipniche said...

Glad that you are fine and back. Hope you'd find wares to sell soon. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you can find a way to store and keep some rice in the future.
I also found out from a friend at Cornell about new method of rice growing. may be you already know about it. It reduced water use by 25-50% and yield increase from 50-100%. It is also in test in Sri Lanka somewhere and may be you can visit.
If you did not know you will find more information here;
Again welcome back.

mottapala said...

I accidently came across your blog today. Its excellent.I really liked the coconut story.

And there is one thing I should tell you. I am damn bloody jealous of your life. Honestly!

Rajaratarala said...

thnks motta for your encouraging remarks. Feel free to come and experience the life first hand, and then you can make an informed judgement

Niro said...

He he... Awesome Blog I came across... After all you are a different man I mean Who would come from US and Cultivate here for a living.. Hmmm.. thats superb.. Well what really changed you? I mean if I'm not wrong you have come to SL really with the intention of building a business here right?