Sunday, March 9, 2008

a time out

I took a few days off as I am out of produce to market these days. It was also a chance to reflect and redirect the business into areas that have more distance.

A short road trip, starting in Vienna, driving first to Salzburg and a brief day out to Munich. Then on to Czech Republic and Prague and old cities on the way and then back to the Eastern end of Austria, and over to Bratislava in Slovakia before returning to Vienna to return the rental car. I just got back, and back to my regular deliveries tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th March 2008.

The bad news was that I dropped my digital camera in the taxi back to the hotel one night in Vienna, and if it is not found, all the wonderful (500+) photos I took on the trip will just be a memory. Never fear me without a camera is like not having all my limbs so I will somehow repair that so my real photos from real events in daily life of Sri Lanka can resume.

Thank you road trippers, the journey was not without its moments good and bad but we hung in there and made it through, so now who is going to tell the tale or tell tales!!! and some mighty funny tales they are too, like the Hungarian strangler in a Czech village ready to gobble up!!

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