Friday, March 28, 2008


For some weired reason I have not been able to access my email and therefore my blogs for adding purposes for a while. I am still not able to access my email though I entered the blog through another method today to access.

Also since I last accessed the blog I have noticed a doubling of the profile views from what I had since the inception of the blog about 9 months ago, all mysterious events which I cannot explain.

It would be wishful thinking to believe that mine is now the most popular Sri Lankan blog, but its nice to think that even though it may not be true!!

I am in the process of distributing my Rosa Kekulu rice, to my customers to taste before taking orders.It is was grown with no pesticides or weedicides though I used chemical fertilizers.

Thank you readers for your interest


Naren Gunasekera said...

Hi Ranjit, sorry to leave a comment but I couldn't find a contact email on your site. I was wondering if you come down to Colombo at all? I'm coming down to Lanka rather unexpectedly today and will be there til the 16th of April. I would really like to meet you and find out more about how you achieved the transition from the west to the east (so to speak) as I am looking to do the same thing.

I can be reached at naren dot (trying to avoid spam bots:)) Looking forward to hearing from you.

George said...


Your profile views have doubled probably because an item from your blog appeared in the InfoLanka News Room site recently.

Your blog appeals to Sri Lankan expats like me, who long to return but are reluctant to make the move because of the messy situation.

I would like to visit your farm at Minneriya when in SL next month, and wonder how I could reach you by e-mail?


Rajaratarala said...

you can email me mahasamanalaya at and will email contact info.

Anonymous said...

I also think your profile view increased since you added the sarong photo. Even I have clicked to see the photo, even though I have been reading you for a long time. Your Blog appeals to me in a way that you paint a vivid picture of SL life. I know and handle a lot of blogs/sites but yours is one of them that I read. In fact I wait for Fridays for your post(s)(I just started reading your think blog!). Like the other two comments, I wish to see you somewhere in the future.
Keep up the good work. If you want to know real statics of your blog access there are pretty easy tools available. Leave a comment if you want some suggestions.

Lanka Chronicle said...

Ranjit, your blog is really interesting. We are all living the dream vicariously through you, and you tell the story so well, it makes me want to drop everything and return to the village to start farming. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Dominic Sansoni has 10,000 profile views. 10 times yours, but at your rate of increase you should be close to him in 1 year.

Ever thought of being a photographer/writer/politician instead of a struggling businessman.

Gentleman farmer instead of struggling farmer.

I guess your choice makes for some good stories though.

Here's hoping some success comes your way instead of continuous unpredictable setbacks.