Friday, July 25, 2008

Nilaveli Beach a day out

A group of us who were holidaying in Trinco decided to go to Nilaveli for the day. The hotel that had been devastated by the Tsunami had now been pretty much restored with plans to add to the 30 or so rooms now available.

We hired a boat and went to Pigeon Island to snorkel and scuba dive, and are happy to report that the coral is regenerating and the multi colored fish in the coral are in abundance and increasing and only waist deep from the little cove in the island.

We had lunch at the Nilaveli Beach hotel, and returned in the evening. The road is much improved and the distance of 16km north from the Trinco town can be done in about 25 minutes including stopping time for one security check point where vehicle details are noted.

There is a lot of redevelopment along the way with new schools and houses consequent to the Tsunami.

The seemless beach at Nilaveli on a hot July morning, the colors are emerald and deep blue

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