Friday, July 25, 2008

trolling in the east coast of Sri Lanka in July

Two of the friends I went with to Trincomalee, went trolling in Sea early one morning and by 8.30 am had caught the fish you see on the photo. Graeme is holding his 8kg Kobia and Romeish is holding the 14kg Seer

By the way due to the security situation, a maximum of 15hp outboard motor is allowed and catamarans with no motors, so the area in the east coast is grossly underfished and plenty of fish within a km from the coast waiting to be caught!!!

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Maxwell Parsons said...

I have begun at the bottom of your blog tonight. It's about 8.44pm and all is quite in my "upper room" which I have re-done. I am enjoying the pictures as this is some of the areas I dived in. By sometime next year I hope to be there and I will have some dive equipment (spear gun)etc;