Saturday, March 12, 2011

the loss of one's independence

The most striking aspect of that split second when the accident took place and I broke my leg, was the loss of independence I had been used, disappearing in a flash.

Since that moment, I have had to be dependent for almost everything. Without the services and help from others, in the instant of the accident, from complete strangers who came to help, I have had to depend on the goodwill of others.

In a way it is good lesson to learn as hitherto up until that point I had been pretty much in control of what I wanted to do from moment to moment and was answerable to only myself for all my actions. I chose what I ate, when I ate and also how I made simple things like the cup of tea or glass of fresh orange juice. I did all my own laundry and instructed how all my food and beverage was made.

I am now at the mercy of others, and as the room I am in does not have a TV or a bell to call for help, sometimes I have to wait for someone to come in before I can ask for help for simple things. Worse as I am not staying at my place, I am dependent on others for bringing my clothes from my place to wear and also what I put on before going to the office, and have had to put up with crushed clothes and a few more embarrassments to boot in order to get there.

I was one who was used to choosing the amount of food on my plate so I only selected what I could eat, as from the beginning we were instructed to never waste any food which we helped ourselves to. Now I have food served on a plate, and in order not to leave even a grain of salt on the plate, I have had occasion to eat out of habit and not out of need.

I cannot pop out to the store and get myself a sweet fix if i want or fulfill a craving!! These are times for reflection and hope that it will not be too long before I can take some control of my daily activities.

The worst thing at present is my inability to sleep continuously as I had been used to due to the very uncomfortable position I have to get into due to the right leg still being painful and not yet operational without pain. I take a few pain killers prior to bedtime, and it has helped a little.

Most of all I want to get back to my place, my things my surroundings, dogs and fresh milk in the morning!! Tea tastes so much better with fresh milk and spring water! I will not be able to drive a vehicle for another 5 months so until such time I will have to compromise and put up with some discomfort.

I have to make a trip to the Minneriya Police station to make a statement as the statement made at the hospital had not got to them. This is essential both for my insurance payment, as well as the police prosecution of the driver of the vehicle that crashed into me. Until that latter case in the Polonnaruwa courts is completed and Judgement ruled in my favor, I cannot take a private prosecution against the state or ministry to claim some kind of compensation for the pain and suffering as well as economic cost of the incident.

Till then I am batting on hoping the pain in the leg reduces, the problem being that once the numbness after the operation wore off, some pain arising from the surgery raised its ugly head. I see the doc in a few weeks for the follow up and hope by that time it disappears.


Sigma said...

I can only imagine just how frustrating this all must be - Thankfully you survived.

Its a terrible reflection on those who hold office, their irresponsibility and lack of accountability to the very people they are supposed to be serving. All too often we read of one accident or another, many of them fatal, caused by so called 'VIP high speed convoys.

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better.

Yet another victim:

Anonymous said...

It is sad that you are disabled temporarily and all the best wishes for a speedy recovery.
According to this we can understand how horribly bad poor people would be dealing with in Sri Lanka when they are met with this kind of accidents.
People like you must correct your society by implementing rigid law and order in place. That is something you can give to your country. You are in a position to do so because you were one of the lucky ones to see how the developed world has done it. Here are some of the suggestions to meditate about because that’s how we have done it in the civilized word :

1. Build jails, jails, jails and more jails. (In a developed country we have about at least one fully equipped jail for each 2000 people. And the jail can hold at least 200-300 people at any give time of the day or night) Imagine the amount of jobs it creates and the ROI on people’s tax money investment by the governments.
2. Build police stations, and more of them, to comply with a ratio of at least one station for each 2000 – 3000 people. And park police cars in 5 miles radius, around the clock (just like in a developed country). And imagine the jobs again.
3. Fire your Sri Lankan supreme court. And install it with graduates who has a degree from an English speaking country and that should be the minimum qualification.
4. Mare sure your law enforcement officers aren’t Sinhalese or Tamil. THIS IS THE KEY. This is implementing and / or creating a homogenous society and eliminating the heterogeneous one in which enforcing law and order is not possible. You cannot do this in couple years, it will take a good decade or two. Hire the law enforcement officers from English speaking countries, China, Russia, Japan etc and get your primitive society put the in fast tract for civilization. Mix them when those foreign races and you will have a beautiful country in about 50 years !
5. Last but not least, provide a glass of milk to every school child daily in the island, provide them with an egg daily (because your Sri Lanka parents don’t have nutritious foods for the brain at home) so do it at the school for the children. When children have mal nutrition those cannot live for 80-90 years in general, most die when they are 50, the story of the Sri Lanka people even for today. So your knowledge and help them this way if you can. If you can’t just enjoy your life ! that is not a bad thing either.

Magerata said...

Hi Ranjit, Hope you are getting better and keeping your spirits high. Please write 'cos it will bring reactions from people like anon above. It is always good to know how others think, as crazy they seem to be. (I liked the part about English speaking police force from China, Russia and Japan.)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hope this will end 'VIP high speed convoys'. -

If the story is true my appreciation goes to the president.