Monday, March 7, 2011

return to remunerative employment

Anyone who has followed my blog over a period of time would be clear on one thing. I am running a subsistence agriculture based enterprise purely on my ability to put in the time and effort. Therefore it does not take a brain box to realize the devastating effects my accident would have had on my enterprise.

I have been able to survive purely due to the help I have received from family, as well as the cheque I received from my Colombo employment for the same amount as if I had worked there on the usual days of the week that I am there for the month of February.

It was imperative therefore that in order for me to meet my expenses, I manage to go to the office as early as possible, in order to meet my commitments. I have to depend on a lift to the office in a vehicle as well as the services of an attendant though I can call on the services of a taxi when a vehicle is not available. I am able to fortunately go all the way up to the 32nd floor of the WTC East Tower on the service elevator from the loading dock without having to go to the main entrance as it is on different levels and I cannot use escalators etc.

While it is very tiring to stay in one place, at least being at a desk and being able to work is a huge advantage. I am not able to put my foot down for 3months or drive for six, so I am not able to operate my previous enterprise and therefore take a loss on that, but at least being able to get some partial relief will definitely help at this moment.

I am pleased to report that though I have trouble sleeping due to the inability to turn without pain and awkwardness, the wounds have healed and the operating scar that was over a foot long is barely noticeable now barely 5 weeks on to the operation is an indication of the skill of the surgeon and the person stitching the operating cut.

I know many of my friends all over the world are following my progress through my blogs, and so I know that they will give me license to inform you all this way rather than write individual mails, as it is still a little tiring to sit at the desk and write. So thank you all for the numerous emails, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you


thekillromeoproject said...

Good to hear you are on the road to recovery!

Anonymous said...

Please do keep us posted on your progress. Every update is very interesting to most of us readers.

Wishing you progress on your recovery!

Magerata said...

Man you are a fighter. It is good to see you recovering. I am so happy that you are still the same individual that I have been reading for a while. Please keep on writing as you know there are many like your friends, who follow your progress, through this blog. Like the wounds and surgery scars, I hope your bones will heal fast. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ranjit,
Thanks for another update and glad you're progressing so well, given the seriousness of your injuries. Economic imperatives are doubtless weighing heavily and that you can get to your WTC job is great. What is happening at the two farms?

Best wishes for your continuing recovery.

Anonymous said...


We are all pleased that you are healing and returning to as normal of an existence as possible.

I notice that security details for MPs was taken up in Parliament by a bold UNP legislator, but the outcome seems to have been more like a whimper. Hopefully the issue is not swept too deeply under the rug and Mssr. Hakeem will realize that accountability is a good thing to be embraced. He should realize this one way or the other.

The link to the story is:

Anonymous said...

By the way, why not write a letter to the editor of the Island in direct response to the article letting him and his audience (govt members included) the very real effect the security has on the lives of normal citizens such as yourself.

It would be a very powerful piece most likely written in your usually brilliant style.

Opportunities arise every so often.

Sigma said...

A speedy recovery I hope!