Thursday, October 20, 2011

The ups and downs of assistance in times of need

In the past few blog entries I gave a brief review of the experiences of the past month of having a person to help me with my day to day activities and there are many other notable points I have omitted. It was nevertheless a challenging and not altogether fruitless exercise in human relationships. The reason I was compelled to look for someone, was that my long time Man Friday wanted to explore his opportunities in employment where the daily wages were substantially higher.

Those jobs are taken by contractors who then pay these guys, buddies from the same village, on a per diem basis. So he was sent out to places like Parsekuddah to lay down pipe on the roads for water sewerage and the like. Other job sites included a private hospital in Gampaha to do the pipework for a bank of toilets etc.

He returned unannounced with his tail between his legs and ten shades darker, unwilling to discuss the matter. So I was not inconvenienced in that regard.However no telling when he would disappear again!

I went for a check up with the Surgeon today, that was 12weeks after my bone graft and he whilst pronouncing that the bone was taking hold in the graft area, told me that I should still not put any weight on the right leg until he gives the OK. I was hoping the weight bearing would be permitted, but that was not so. It is not the most pleasant of circumstances living on one leg for so long, now nearly 9months and it looks like I will be like this till the end of the year.

I understand the boy who went back home is now helping his father with his Chena cultivation, and goes out at 5am in the fields to prepare for the ‘thala’ or sesame sowing season as soon as the rains which are expected any moment. He told me his brother took in Rs300,000 last season for his harvest, and that this crop has few predators of animals or birds, unlike kurakkan, another favorite of chena cultivators that birds prey on. A further crop is ‘Aba’ or mustered that they grow.

All is not lost as his nephew who he brought with me is on the farm looking after my dogs and seems settled in not having to deal with me on site, and allowed to do his own thing on his own time. No doubt if he gets homesick or wants a change of scene he would up and leave. I now know about 10 from Ampara doing various jobs in the Western Province when they find opportunities available to them.

Despite my incapacity, I have been able to go to Polonnaruwa and meet up with the various people who are helping me there. The problem is that when I get certain work done, I am unable to supervise and take corrective action before it gets out of hand. Lets just hope my instructions are carried out without too many cockups! I guess the outrageous ones will no doubts be fodder for the blog.

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