Saturday, October 29, 2011

A young politician cuts his teeth at the local school

This morning I went to a Leadership training program for students who are in their final year A level class at Mahinda Maha Vidyalaya in Heiyantuduwa. We were invitees and some scholarships were to be awarded as part of the opening ceremony for the guests. This was arranged and funded by a young politician who had won his first term as a Pradeshiya Sabha Member, and we who sponsor young people to get into the political arena were there to lend a hand of support.

Coincidentally he used to work in by brother-in-law’s factory close by, and left the job to go into politics full time. He is not rich by any standards, and the cynical amongst you might think he went into politics to make money. He has already sent me many CV’s of his area people for me to help them find employment. Another interesting fact was that during the election campaign he was badly beaten up by the Government stooges and was hospitalized and was out of action for over 3 months owing to the injuries suffered. Suffice to say that the culprits have not been brought to book, but I suspect he did get a sympathy vote, as he got the second highest number of preference votes in the opposition camp of the Pradeshiya Sabha.

He has as a novice invited the local MP’s from both sides of the fence, as well as the Provincial Councilors and Pradeshiya Sabha Members. He has begun his own foundation in a small way and as part of the commencement of activities initiated this program. His foundation’s primary aim is to improve the potential of school leavers and this was in keeping with the objective. There were 150 participants, 75 from the school we were at and a further 75 from schools in outlying areas.

There was a point made by the junior minister, a local MP, who said that he recalls his time where a new PS member cuts his teeth helping, pre schools, primary and secondary schools and Sunday schools. The initial funds required for these can be collected from local businessmen as it helps the area too and a novice can get started and and build a name for himself as someone who helps the community and is active, be he from the Government camp or the opposition.

When considering this order of play for politicians I somehow ask myself if this is the route to National Politics. I know in Sri Lanka to get anything meaningful done for society one really does have to enter politics and gain power to make a difference. However once they make this long and arduous journey the cost of getting to the top means there are too many favors to return turning him into a corrupt money making SOB.

In my case after a lifetime in the private sector working in about 5 different fields, I have more experience about the world and ideas of how to improve. However if I start the long road to get the power and influence to make my ideas work, I will just not have the time nor the faith of the donors that I will last till the final jackpot is achieved!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Pied Piper of the land is leading them into the abyss with their consent.

You wont have to wait too long. Next election cycle the government will fall. The economy will dictate that.

1. CATIC pulling out
2. Shang delayed
3. Stock market crash
4. Interest rates rising
5. Corruption and moral decay everywhere
6. Fuel Prices up
7. No rain
8. People brutally assaulted all over
9. No international credibility
10. Thugs with guns ruling the country

We will all be begging RW to save us as the world knows he is a decent fellow and will come to our aid.

Blogger said...

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