Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An impression of the repeat visit to Pasikudah in November 2011

I went to bathe in the sea at Pasikudah Beach on Sunday, a few days ago. Considering that I am still in crutches, unable to walk, it was exhilarating to get into the water and swim and float with no crutches for over three hours. This was my first experience after the accident of swimming in a body of water. I have been asked by the surgeon to get the needed exercise by swimming as it does not involve putting weight on my healing right leg, but I have not been able to organize my schedule and transport so to do.

My last visit to Pasikudah was before any construction had begun on the beach, and I hasten to report on my disappointment, and sadness at the pathetic structures that seem to be coming up in such a pristine bay. It would have been better not to put ANY structure than those currently in progress, and leave the bay full of what it was when I first visited the place in days gone by before wars, and tsunamis, where only coconut trees fronted the whole bay.

Just imagine how nice it would have been just to have those trees instead of hotels. Money talks and if we must have hotels then they should be hidden behind rows of coconut trees that are 20 deep. There is no requirement for the hotel to have a beach view, as in any case the maintenance will be very costly and rusting can be avoided by the tree buffer. The walkways to the beach must be clearly marked so people do not walk under the coconut palms and have a coconut fall on their heads! A sure way for a quick and involuntary exit.

The road from Valaichainai to the Bay is still under repair and widening and would be a while before that is done and this time there was no charge from the local council for parking the vehicles as there was last time. There was a police presence to keep the peace and also life guards on duty with white buoys marking an area beyond which swimming was discouraged for the safety of the swimmers. The place was packed with people as it was a Sunday, but I was very unimpressed with the cleanliness of the bay and the beach which really needs a lot of cleaning of debris from God knows where that must be periodically moved if we are to feel happy to swim and play in the water. All one needs is one of those sand shuffler machines they have on the California beaches which daily at dawn shovel up the sand and remove any debris on the shore as it goes along. The whole bay can be cleaned by one machine in about half hour with one man driving it.

On our return we stopped at a ‘Waadiya’ and 1kg of medium sized lagoon prawns to cook for lunch cost Rs550. We got back to my place in Polonnaruwa in an hour.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you were able to get into the water.

The bay looks great in the PIC!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you enjoyed your swim and what's even better is to hear that you were able to visit your place after a long time. Keep it up!