Thursday, November 17, 2011

The new kids on the block – what surprises do they have in store for me?

There is a time to show compassion and a time to look after oneself. I don’t know how wise my choice was when the Hingurakgoda caretaker, took flight to the Maldives to seek his fortune. Over the weekend, I was introduced to a couple, who were living in Ratmale, and in search of work and a place to live. I took a chance and told them to develop the property if they could. I was adamant that the young girl who I had presumed he had run away with from Habarana also look at the property and decide for themselves that it was the choice they wanted to make to grow the potential into the Garden of Eden of my dreams. Dream on!

I have not had too much luck in the people who have been in charge there, and so I am not too hopeful lest I be hugely disappointed. Whilst I had made every effort to build this place, pumping in my earnings over the years working day and night, those who were left in charge of the property were not as careful with produce, equipment, tools of trade and the maintenance thereof. So is fifth time luck a bet?

I have gone on ad nausea m about the failure of our young people, and still I entrust a lot of my personal possessions to an unknown and untested duo out of necessity or pity! The latter was after I sought advice from those who came with me this weekend, who said I should give them a chance. It is perhaps a roll of the dice.

We have a vision and a concept we want to create. Imparting that into the minds of others who may have other intentions is difficult at best, and managing that vision through the work and care of others is fraught with disappointment and anger.

In my new role which includes organizing and developing the youth into tomorrow’s leaders with a sense of vision, accountability for one’s actions and hope for a better future for them, I realized that I have two properties in Polonnaruwa that could be used for leadership training, in two day workshops of outbound programs where teams could bond and provide some framework of what it is to develop a rural setting into a sustainable and environmentally sensitive small scale enterprise. It is difficult to impart this concept to people who think in a narrow range and cannot think outside of the box, however it is still worth a try.

This blog which relates my experiences and indulgences, could see a new phase from my return to two legs. The new possibilities, my new avocation, mixed with the foundations set from my previous avatar can come up with a combination that may provide some of the answers I have been searching for and which I must share with others lest if I keep it all to myself, all I learned blows away with the wind.

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