Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Commemoration - appreciation of those who helped us in life

I attended a small function today off the 34km post of the Kandy Road, in Gampaha. It was arranged by an elderly couple Mr& Mrs Sepala Akikari, in their 80s in their small home in commemoration of the Senanayake family, and DS, Dudley, Robert and his son Ranjit in particular remembering and giving thanks to them (particularly Robert) who helped him with his first job and gave him a kick start in his life's path over 70 years ago.

We were reminded of how rare it is today, to actually remember and give a dana for and on behalf of people who have truly helped us get to where we are today.

The event was merely for the neighborhood people who belong to the local Community Center, who attended the 70minutes of Bana from a young priest at a local Temple that had been helped by the Senanayakes followed by some light refreshments.

Then there was a welcome speech as shown in the photo by the host reminding people of the contribution that DS whose 60th death anniversary was on the 22nd of March, and the contribution and he and his Dudley made to this country lest we forget.

One of Mr Adikari's daughters is and has been in the service of the family for 24 years.

Two of Robert Senanayake's grandsons, Sujan and Ruwan Wijewardene were on hand to grace the occasion along with their father Ranjit, and distribute various gifts to the local people including school books to the school going children.

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