Monday, March 26, 2012

A visit to Kandy to obtain blessings for a Empowering Campaign

I was in Kandy, as part of the new campaign by the National Youth Front to energize and empower our youth, both male and female out of the current climate in Sri Lanka and to provide them with an alternative that takes cognizance of their individual and personal needs and the manner in which they will be able to meet their goals, providing them with some real hope and not broken promises.

There were about 20 Active members of the Organization accompanying us to meet with the Malwatte Mahanayake Thera who we visited for two different reasons. First was that he had asked for Dudley Senanayake’s photo, as it was the only photo of our national leaders he did not have in the temple. It was the task of his grand nephew to deliver one to the Mahanayaka Thera personally.

The second was to ask for blessings for the program of the NYF for the year, which will see us travelling the length and breadth of this country presenting our case to the youth to join hands with us in living by way of example and showing the powers that rule us that there is an alternative, better than the status quo.

It is not an easy task, but as is customary when a new project of this nature is undertaken, the blessings from such a position holds the dedicated in a good frame of mind to fearlessly carry out their responsibilities believing that the task at hand is right and just, in battling an unjust and unfair rule.

We had also arranged to visit the Asgiriya Chapter, but later we were told it was not possible to see the Mahanayake. We do not know the real reason, but suspect that he did not wish to be questioned on the result of the UNHRC resolution that had just been passed and be put on the spot by an opposition politician when he is a quite partial to the government having been just given a massive Rs700M as a donation during the 700th anniversary of this chapter, to do as they please. We have already been made aware of some contracts being granted to government Ministers for the work to be carried out. In any case it was never to put him on the spot!!!Signing the visitors book

We paid our respects to the older Anunayaka Thera as well and were offered the traditional plain tea with juggery. I think the tea is probably from the many estates owned by the temple, one of the largest landowners in the country.

Of course the Boss had a long one on one private discussion on matters of state, as the state of the nation is of natural concern to the Mahanayaka Thera. The current state is nothing to be proud of with daily litany of killings, even of priests, and robberies and other nefarious activities which are on the rise.

Anunayaka Thera


Anonymous said...

"battling an unjust and unfair rule"

What the heck is that??? This does not sound like Rajaratarala's writing ! If this is his writing then this blogg is turning into crap.

If you are actually writing like that Rajaratarala, I think you need to re-charge your batteries. If I remember correctly you studied in USA an UK and lived there many years and you have a very good philosophic mind that a good leader and an academic could have.
But the above writing of yours make me throw up. Now, I really wonder if you are an intellectual or loosing it rapidly. If you are going into creating a just rule don't do it with a war like style and with making those sort of statements and that is definitely not the way, not the educated way.

The best way to win your enemy is to love them and you didn’t learn that from living in US and UK ???

Every rule weather they are unjust or unfair also do a tremendous amount of good behind the scene.

People always remember one bad thing someone did and they usually don’t remember the 100 good things the same person or entity did. So, highlighting on the good not only teaches a valuable positive thinking method for a nation that is crippled by heavy negative preaching of life for centuries but also opens up their half paralyzed brain neurons into the side where it can have some dramatic effect for them and in the surroundings they live in.

Monks in that country need some heavy guidance from the well educated in positive thinking methods and its effects - if you didn’t know or don’t know this even by living in usa and uk , oh man god bless your works! Monks are main or the pre-dominant cause for your society to be negative thinking of a cesspool.

Now you see Rajarajarala, what you are up against. Correct the monks if you can that would be the fix for your country. Monks must be corrected not to preach any negativity into young lives where the young do not even know yet what the life is all about to begin with .

Anonymous said...

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