Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hey you avid readers!!!! interact will you!!!!

From the various chats I have with people, I am beginning to discover that the circle of people reading my blog is widening and I am pleased with their reaction as many find some of the snippets interesting to read. However very few are willing to make the odd comment either for fear of offending me or worried that someone else reading their comments will think them an ace durrrrr!!!

Don't worry you lovely people all over the world give me some inspiration and if you are worried at being found out just leave them as anonymous comments. That is better than no comment.

While I seem to have an interesting life it is the hardest job I have ever had to endure like being on a treadmill working all the hours that God gives, not even to put food on my table, but to put food on every body else's table. Some encouragement will be nice.


voipniche said...

Hello Raja,
I read your Blog(s) every week and sometimes leave a comment here and there.
Perhaps if you reply to comments, mine and others, perhaps you can kindle a discussion.
For an example, I did not know some of the vegetables you photographed. Would love to know

Chandana said...

Hey Dude,

I accidentally come across your blog. It was really interesting and I started to read from the beginning. It reads like a novel man!
Do you remember "Madol Duwa"? It's like that. You have good writing skill as well.
I am also thinking of getting into a small farming living. You will be one of my examples.
BTW: what happened to "Appa Nanagi"? May be you have mentioned it in the blog. I am still reading your 2007 stuff.

Rajaratarala said...

It took me a while to find this entry to comment on it. I am glad you are enjoying reading it and if it is of some benefit to another, I am happy that what I am sharing is not in vain.

I hope you were able to look at the sister blog which now gives my views and opinions on my farming topics.

Leave future comments at the latest blog entry, and I may be able to help you along.

As for Appa Nangi, once she had a baby, she was welcome back into the fold and she comes from time to time to the neighborhood. Thats history and life must go on.