Friday, November 9, 2007

Jumbo Peanuts

One of my farmer friends a few doors away planted some jumbo peanuts and I got a few Kilos to eat and to keep to grow at the right time of year. He obtained 135 rupees a kilo for them after drying with the shell. We cooked them by frying in a pan with sand not oil, this ensures an even temperature without the shell burning. Once sufficiently heated we de shell it and voila the scrumptous peanuts no money can buy. See the plate I gobbled down a few days ago. I have never tasted better peanuts!!

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Virginia Peanuts said...

Lucky for you to have a neighbors who grow peanuts! Jumbo peanuts are so tasty but i prefer Virginia peanuts because it's much more crunchy that the ordinary jumbo peanuts :)