Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A delightful and enforced stay in one place for once

This is the first time since I returned to Sri Lanka nearly 7 years ago that I have stayed in one place for so long (other than the recuperation at my sister’s following my accident and operation) It is also the first time I have not had any means of transport, so I have not been able to go out of the gates of the farm, except once, when I hired a three wheeler to take the new puppies to the vet for their immunizations.

I have not had any visitors, except on two occasions when one set brought me dinner one day, and the others came for Sunday lunch on the farm. So it is just a matter of passing the time playing with the dogs, and listening to the sounds of the farm with birds in every direction. One notable concern I used to have here were the monkeys destroying the coconuts and bananas, but now that we have a gun to scare them away this threat seems to have diminished somewhat.

The above point suddenly came to mind when I was reading yesterday about the threat of predators being the single biggest threat to farmers in Sri Lanka, especially in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa areas, and that there is no recourse, as the species that threaten the crops cannot be killed by law. I have pointed this issue time and time again, and still there is no national plan. The Rata Nagamu Api Wawamu program is not worth entering into if this issue is not addressed. It will not yield results unless there is a holistic approach to agriculture that covers all the inputs, risks and output outcomes.

I digress here, and being unable to walk and in crutches limits me to depend on our good Sri Lankan hospitality for everything. My main grouse on this is the fact that any request I have is fulfilled in the order of priority of the helper. That is the most frustrating part as I am rendered quite incapable of going through my list of things to do in the order and rate at which I would have if I was able. Patience and lack of any haste in everything is something I just had to learn.

I am unable to bathe on my own and need assistance. I am usually used to doing this twice a day, but in the current circumstance, getting my helper to commit a time even once a day is an exercise in despair. There is no amount of compensation the Government of SL can give me for the loss of my freedoms I had hitherto taken for granted, and not concerned myself about. I now have had time to work out the strategy to counter Govt. intransigence


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Ranjith, just a short note to let you know that Anura were just checking out your blog and were hoping you are doing better.
Ashan & Anura

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear what you are going through. At least you seem to be someone who can speak and write English well in the Veddda land called Sri Lanka. Imagine what the poor people in Sri Lanka may be going through at present , would have been going through in the past and would be going through in the future ? So, why don’t you decide to use your global knowledge (because you were lucky enough to receive it) and contribute to Sri Lanka and correct that society. Just this wring is good (don’t take me wrong) but it is not good enough. Sri Lankans have been writing for the last 5-6 decades , but no action. It is almost like they want someone else to come and rescue them. All people in the world have their own issues. The ones who over come those issues are the ones who take them personally and do something about them. So, become a leader and take a step to change your people so they can become productive to this world just like others in the world. They did not become developed by doing, nothing they worked very hard generations to generations , in order to achieve what they have achieved, so you do the same my man. Go out there, and build your local village, don’t depend on the Police in Sri Lanka (you don’t have real Police in Sri Lanka), this is a globally known fact. So, there is no point on going over and over and over complaining how bad and screwed up things are in your society. Take corrective action by your own force immediately. You can make a change, rather than complaining, do something about it my man, then you will be a real good Samaritan. You very lucky to get educated , so contribute that and make your people productive to the world. Bring something into this world using your people in your country just like what most other countries have done, they reason why they are most welcome and respected . You were shown all that so you can do the same with your people.

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