Monday, April 4, 2011

Its just a case of attitude - look forward not back

An Update- I am looking forward to finally spending some quality time at my home on the farm, as I have only spent a weekend there after the accident. I expect to spend the avurudhu season from April 8th to 18th there. I am sure the dogs will also enjoy the company and the attention they have so lacked all this time and I miss them too.

I have had my monthly check up with the surgeon who was in charge of the operation and he looked at the new x-rays that were taken and while satisfied generally with it, showed me that the break is distinctly visible, rendering me immobile for much longer than I thought! I will just have to live with it for a while and put up with the discomfort and the significant change of circumstances for a while longer.

I am currently not working, and have had to curtail some of my agricultural work, due to funding difficulties. I am also seriously considering not cultivating my paddy land in the coming season due to my inability to motivate and inspect the work on site to ensure these people follow my instructions, which in my absence they are more than capable of taking issues into their own hands.

My readers have asked me what has happened to the agricultural work and output and all I can say is I am struggling through with stress in getting people to do things in my absence with no knowledge of how successful things are.

In the meantime my friends pop in from time to time to keep my spirits up, and I even had a very supportive call this morning from Mr Merril J Fernando of Dilmah fame giving me all the encouragement to see Justice done in this case, as he really appreciated the commitment and sacrifice I had made giving up employment with him as the Country Manager in the UK for his brand and coming to Sri Lanka to pursue a very risky venture with little personal financial benefit to me. His timely words of encouragement each time I met him asking what I was doing and discussing the various issues I have had, meant that he was really interested. He being one of my customers, his particular favorite from my farm was KIRI ALA, also showed his support for what I was doing.

My main worry at the moment is the ability to get mobile (buy a set of wheels for my work) on the funds promised by the insurance company, which I have yet to receive as they have not received all the paperwork necessary to process the claim!

The pain I was in has lessened, but the discomfort in sleeping is still there, where it is still painful to turn in bed and wake up many times at night to get into a more comfortable position.

I now need to get a laptop as otherwise I will have no communication with the outside world when I am on the farm. Not sure I could stretch the budget that far. Such is the dependence today with the internet.

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Magerata said...

Even though it is sad to hear about the continued misfortunes, I am very glad to hear the fighting spirit in you.
I have been visiting your site to see how you were doing and thank you for keeping us updated.

I am certain that you will come through this a winner. Best of luck to all of you, (you, dogs, your workers who fail to understand that you are working for them, and your customers who must be missing your produce)