Saturday, April 14, 2012

Medirigiriya - a recent visit

On March 3st 2012 we went around Medirigiriya, first to the famous Watadage, which was deserted, and without even a watcher or guard to protect this famous and valuable site of an ancient Monastery.

We then had a meeting at one of our active members homes, where we distributed Chillington Crocodile Mammoties to a Farmer organization and then after lunch there visited two two temples in the area, giving them small chairs to both for the Sunday school children.

Three samaneras at one of the temples are who we see here to the right

The Chaithya of the Temple above is unusual in that it is built around the two floors, with the glass round the top floor covering the inner sanctum.

The hostess at the event greeting us and who made us feel welcome at the event, along with a very tasty village meal for all who came.