Monday, April 2, 2012

Today at the Jaya Shri Maha Bodhinwansa - Anuradhapura

We paid our respects and to obtain blessings for the hard road ahead in building a National Youth Front to empower and embolden the Youth of Sri Lanka

Atamasthanadipathi who is the caretaker of the sites in Anuradhapura where certain people with god complexes are trying to change the course of history, much to the chagrin of the Maha Sangha

A few words in lighter vein about my condition caused by the lust for power

Some of the office bearers of the NYF about to make the offering

The podi hamuduruwo of the Atamasthanadipathi who accepted the offerings to take up to the Uda Maluwa

A moment of contemplation

The anushasana for our cause

The pirith noola being tied round the wrist by the podi hamuduruwo


Anonymous said...

The atamasthanadipathi is a Govt. side priest. I hope by realizing the folly of the lust for power especially by the ruling clique he disapproves of its un Buddhist ways.

Also the idea of atamasthanaya is that there are only 8 places. Now the Govt. is trying to rewrite history by building a 9th Chaithyaya to which the Maha Sangha is vehemently opposed

So there is reason for your cause to gain traction from clear thinking clergy of the Maha Sangha who cannot be bought for money.

After all the Chaithya as the story goes is where a throne was excavated and stolen by the chief rogue in govt. and to hide the theft is creating an even more sinful act of building a stupa in the same place it was found!!

Whatever the merits of the latter argument, it is necessary that such desecration of sacred places by this govt. is stopped immediately and it is only the keepers of the sites such as the person in the photo who is in charge of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi to protect the rights of the Buddhists from interlopers pretending to be Buddhists but are only trying to find ancestor kinships for people to treat them as Gods.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Please continue to share with us your anecdotes about what is happening at the ground level in SL.

Still see you are on a crutch.

Hope you are healing well!