Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A paduru party at Ratmale

I had the privilege of hosting a party for over 300 people at my home in Ratmale in Minneriya. Actually this was the first party I had since I built this home.

We had built a super bonfire which is shown here on the left and was still flaming away after the party ended around 2am.

There was a crowd of young people who also came from Hingurakgoda in a bus as well as the youth from the villages of Ratmale and the adjoining village of Rotawewa the two purana gamas which were in existence when the area was rediscovered by the British in the early nineteenth century.

The village of Ratmale was into agriculture, and Rotawewa was known for hunter gatherers in the surrounding forests and collecting bees honey from the bee hives there.

They have a unique dialect borne out of their isolation all those years back.

Dinner was served for all around 8pm with the food served on the Nelum Kola. All the food was local except for the Potato Thel Dala.

The two gentlemen in the photo were my special guests as I have known them for over 10 years and they are from the local area. Due to their age and infirmity they left after an hour, but were introduced to the chief guest, Mr Ruwan Wijewardene, who came to meet the youth of the Minneriya area and the rest of the Polonnaruwa district.

After dinner there was dancing and singing, with a lot of natural talent on display.

So after a lot of merriment, those whose legs were tired decided to relax on the provided mats and enjoy the evening, in twilight. After all I do not have electricity and the stars in the sky come out to hit you in these circumstances.

The locals from Ratmale joined in late as they could stay as long as they liked, while those from outer parts had to leave earlier due to the distances they had to travel to get home.

There was no alcohol served, and it was definitely not even needed and so it all ended with weary legs and not much else to complain about.

Maybe we should do this more often. It was all thanks to the ladies of the village who did a sterling job during the day to cook.

For those who wish to see the cooking in progress please see my blog which was created to showcase the home, called Kumbuk Pokuna Lodge.

www.ratmale, I have not begun to take bookings yet!!


Anonymous said...

so who paid for this extravaganza?

great that people actually had fun without alcohol.

any women?

Ming said...

Hello Rajaratarala,

I would like to get in touch with you directly, is there any way I could email you?